The Merger of Two World-Wide Sports. This Sport was designed to be played on any field with a flag, a pole, and a hole in the ground. However, it was also designed to be played on a Golf Course ! I actually Challenged Two Golf Pros to a contest between Regular Golf and Rocketry Golf. That is why the R/G Book and the DVD were produced.


Try this, Rocketry Golf is Fun!

You can start by Challenging your friends and family. Then you have a team of players making test flights in an open field. Later on, after you have filled your Flight Chart you will be ready to Challenge your Golfer friends. Then you will be ready to play the Golf Pros. and Tournaments.

After I invented this Sport I needed to test the Rockets and perfect the designs. These are the most accurate models in Rocketry. Their performance is repeatable. The same Rocket, same size engine and launch angle will fly close to the same spot hundreds of yards away ! That is Accuracy !

One reason is The AZ-EL Launch Pad with Brass C-rail.  This Launcher was designed to launch Most Model Rockets with Ĺ degree accuracy ! That means that You donít have to Lose any more Rockets ! Read the page about The AZ-EL Launcher. You can learn How to Fly your Rockets with ALA, (Accurate Launch Angles) and land where You want them to land ! You donít have to Lose your best Rockets !

In R/G we need to use: Binoculars, Flight Data Charts, GPS, Pedometer, Range Finder, Stop Watch, & Windmeter.

Rocketry Golf Tournaments with prize money are in the planning stages. The News Media was Very interested in The First Rocketry Golf Game which produced Five News Articles. Copies are in the back of the new R/G Book.

The Future of this Sport belongs to those who are most teachable. I am presenting a Challenge to You to prepare yourself to compete in Rocketry Golf Tournaments ! I am looking forward to competing with You in this Sport. You can become a Rocketry Golf Professional !

~ Doug Frost, NAR #3446


The Rocketry Golf.Com Online Video Game is Coming: December 2012!